Team Building and Development

TokuSaku defines Team Building and Development as activities designed to encourage people to work cooperatively to achieve shared outcomes. Our experts support your efforts by helping you establish and sustain effective and focused teams.

Our Structured Approach

The beauty of a successful team is in its inherent variation. Success is achieved by leveraging the unique
strengths of each team member, and creating a shared vision and work plan that achieve institutional goals.

Our seasoned consultants, along with TokuSaku methodologies and tools, guide leaders to enable team
cooperation, build trust among members, and foster team commitment to growth. Staff members must have a clear picture of objectives and performance expectations, and have the opportunity to participate in decision making, planning and execution of the strategy to ensure maximum support. In the process, the value of their unique talents becomes clear.
When the right people are engaged, challenged, and acknowledged, teams collaborate remarkably well on goal and objective setting and issue resolution. With a stakeholder-focused mindset, they are able to work across functions and departments to understand the business challenges in the context of the institutional value stream and arrive at effective outcomes creating widespread adoption.

Our structured approach:
  • Fosters an environment that emphasizes teamwork, collaboration and transparent communication, allowing for optimal alignment of efforts and solidifies commitment
  • Assists leadership to effectively engage teams in identifying and communicating resource requirements, leading to increased motivation and a sense of empowerment
  • Nurtures creative thinking and an increased willingness to take calculated risks, which promotes a self- learning environment for staff members seeking new challenges, greater employment satisfaction, and reduced attrition
  • Establishes a discipline of continuous process improvement, increasing customer satisfaction, and enabling outcomes that drive greater organizational effectiveness


TokuSaku was engaged by a health care organization in the Puget Sound to establish a repeatable process that would support documenting of shared processes and alignment of metrics to achieve broad customer goals.

Engaging resources from across the department, we facilitated the collaboration of team members to create a shared project vision, establish a training plan and design tools and processes that would support staff implementation and adoption.

The team set aside their individual perspectives of current business processes and restrained their fear of
the unknown to establish common training materials and tools to share with their co-workers. They then
worked beside their peers on the front line to apply the new planning methodology to map processes and
establish in-process checks and output controls. These changes would prove to be instrumental in achieving the customer-focused outcomes needed by the organization.