Strategic Planning

Whether triggered by organizational, market or economic changes, TokuSaku supports senior leaders as they engage in purposeful strategic planning sessions to align future vision and current-state to create a focused plan for achieving long-term objectives.

Our Structured Approach

By establishing an environment of openness and respect, TokuSaku engages leaders in a consensus-based process that guides the group through a structured assessment of current organizational direction, strategic advantages and strategic challenges (as informed by environmental factors and trends) and core competencies. Strategic focus areas and associated KPIs result which then provide a framework for both short-term and long-term initiatives.

Our structured approach:
  • Ensures a clear view of key customer business purposes and expectations and an unbiased view of current operations
  • Provides a forum for collaboration and communication, enabling a shared leadership experience that builds trust and engagement in achieving shared goals
  • Encourages leadership agreement on mission, vision and guiding principles as well as alignment of long term goals, strategies and objectives
  • Recommends a transparent, disciplined approach to monitor progress, allows opportunities to overcome unforeseen challenges and enables leaders to measure outcomes


A mid-sized software manufacturer engaged our specialist to facilitate a strategic planning process for their training department in support of an upcoming major software release. A needs assessment uncovered a desire to improve business readiness, expand service coverage and decrease time to market. 

Working with leaders to define resource requirements, improve strategic partnerships and assess product
offerings, the specialist supported leadership in achieving their organizational objectives.

Benefits to the client included increased productivity that drove operational competitiveness, broadened
service capabilities to support business growth, reduced development costs and decreased time to market enabling an environment for accelerated revenue realization.