TokuSaku assists institutions in successfully assessing current operations, establishing collective agreement on objectives across business units, and developing and implementing plans for sustained improvement which will facilitate increased capacity.

Our Structured Approach

To be successful, institutions must align their business strategies, goals and objectives, and continually
improve their ability to anticipate and execute on needed changes to operational structures, business processes, and service standards.

TokuSaku helps you achieve successful outcomes by facilitating process reviews using chair side observation/shadowing, kaizen events or structured facilitated sessions; gathering stakeholder perceptions of effectiveness and sufficiency of resources by conducting focus groups, employee surveys or interviews; synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data to identify key opportunities and uncover root cause; and establishing methods of monitoring success then plan and execute on your improvement strategies.

Our structured approach:
  • Aligns organizational strategy and culture with business processes and technology providing increased visibility and data to optimize decision making
  • Establishes learning and improvement objectives to increase organizational effectiveness and customer satisfaction while promoting improved engagement, collaboration, problem solving, skills development and adoption of change
  • Establishes a collaborative approach to identifying creative solutions that minimize efforts and maximize outcomes, establishing project and operational measures for continuous improvement


A large northwest private utilities company desired to transform itself from an operational view to a customercentric focus, requiring a significant cultural change and transformation of business operations. TokuSaku was engaged to evaluate the as-is process network and identify gaps and process inefficiencies inhibiting achievement of customer experience goals. Information gathered indicated process networks were incomplete and lacked visibility, prior improvement efforts were superficial and not focused on root cause, key financial data was not available to facilitate decision making, and KPI’s and metrics were not being tracked.

To ensure alignment with corporate goals and commitment to functional solutions, TokuSaku assembled key functional areas spanning the corporation and 3rd party service providers in, founding a multi-phase project plan and roadmap, Desired key attributes include the vision and expected performance for each phase; identification of key projects and dependencies to support transformation, and metrics to track phased success.

Outcomes supported process transparency, projects driven by root cause analysis, data to make sound
financial decisions and measures which facilitated visibility and accountability driving continuous
performance improvement.