Leadership Coaching

Just as there is no “right” way to lead, there is no single approach to coaching leaders. TokuSaku partners with you to customize an approach that balances concern for people with achievement of results, inspiring confidence and professional growth.

Our Structured Approach

TokuSaku brings a balanced approached that considers the entire system in which the coaches must perform. Blending concepts from business, psychology and common sense allows our coaches to work with clients to create approaches that best address their current situations, make measurable progress and produce positive results overall.

Our structured approach
  • Begins with listening, allowing us to uncover current skill levels, leadership habits, personal style and values
  • Promotes collaboration, encouraging an inclusive mindset as we craft coaching objectives (expectations of team mates, managers, human resources, etc.)
  • Establishes action plans that target behavioral change


To transform operations, leaders of a large health provider needed to align on departmental objectives,partner in new ways to achieve continuous improvements and prepare their teams for significant change. TokuSaku was engaged to support leaders in creating a repeatable process for engaging staff in documenting standard work for all key processes, establishing best practices and guardrails across multiple locations and aligning improvement efforts go forward.

TokuSaku established Weekly Leadership Meetings, mentored individuals and modeled desired behaviors,encouraging partnership to achieve the broaden team vision. Leveraging each member’s talents, experiences and unique views, we encouraged solutions-based contributions and collaborative sharing of strategies and experiences to achieve the highest levels of peer and team success.

To achieve department goals, TokuSaku helped leaders identify objectives, prioritize desired outcomes and reach agreement on approach, logistics, and common operating rhythm’s around roles, communication and measures of success resulting in a broader perspective, increased process consistency and better department results. Overcoming disparate outcomes opened the door for leadership to begin proactively focusing on additional opportunities.