Initiative Execution

Our strategic blend of project management tools and process improvement practices allows our consultants to respond quickly to your most pressing business challenges and execute a well-defined plan that achieves desired results.

Project/Program Management •Ÿ Process Management •Ÿ Portfolio Management •Ÿ PMO Assessment

Change Management

Our consultants understand that Change Management is the discipline of integrating, managing, and reinforcing the people and organizational sides of change to achieve sustainable benefits.  By attending to both the logical and emotional aspect of change, TokuSaku guides leadership, management, and staff on the path of collaborative engagement resulting in a powerful and effective change experience.

Change Assessment Ÿ• Training & Communications •Ÿ Change Strategy


We leverage our consultants’ experience and expertise to help groups achieve maximum creativity, improve their effectiveness, and increase their commitment to the task at hand.  Our facilitators can tailor a variety of tools and methods to focus on your needs as well as create an experience as unique as your situation.

Rapid Response •ŸŸ Strategic Planning Ÿ• Coaching •Ÿ Rapid Project Planning •Ÿ Whiteboard Sessions 

Framework for Seamless ExecutionTM

Within each of these Katas (services) that we provide, we use our Framework for Seamless ExecutionTM.

  • Kuzushi
  • Tsukuri
  • Kake
  • Yusei Gachi