Customized Training

At TokuSaku, customized training means that we help you achieve quantifiable operational success. By tailoring content and approach to support your business as it undergoes changes in products, processes and or systems.

Our Structured Approach

TokuSaku collaborates with you to design, develop and deliver customized training materials and curriculum that incorporate adult learning best practices while aligning with your cultural values. Our multi-disciplined approach ensures that content created meets the needs of your staff by clearly articulating what success looks like and designing and delivering content that bridges the gap between where your staff is and where they need to be.

Our structured approach
  • Aligns training with staff skills, taking in to account their preferred ways of learning
  • Incorporates company language and relevant scenarios into all materials, allowing your staff to identify with training and more quickly apply learning’s to their new situation
  • Reduces ‘firefighting’ resulting from process gaps/overlaps and the ineffective use of systems, positively impacting quality and efficiency
  • Drives increased transparency, communication, collaboration and problem solving supporting improve performance and empowering staff to take on new challenges
  • Leverages standard best practices for adult learning


A large healthcare provider in the Puget Sound required training to support the implementation of an enterprise-wide health plan administration system. The client required support with the design, development and delivery of training materials to their 500+ staff members.

TokuSaku engaged with the client to establish and execute a comprehensive training model that would support transition to the new application, addressing both its functionalities and related process changes.

Multiple methods and tools were deployed to support curriculum design, creation of course materials,delivery that leveraged adult learning best practices, and implementation of a maintenance plan to ensure ongoing continuity.

The approach managed implementation risks and costs, supported staff through adoption, and enabled optimal customer outcomes.