/tō·kü·sȯ·kü/ A well thought plan

TokuSaku Consulting is a management consulting firm that offers its clients solutions to business problems tailored to their unique situations. TokuSaku combines a process-focused, systems-agnostic methodology with competitive rates that supports clients who are continually challenged to do more with less.

Framework for Seamless ExecutionTM

  • KuzushiUnbalance

  • TsukuriFit

  • KakeExecute

  • Yusei GachiValidate

TokuSaku’s disciplined approach brings clarity to the core issues at hand and ensures focus and alignment throughout the project to their resolution.

  • We work to understand all facets of your situation, not just the presenting problem.

  • We partner with you to achieve success as you’ve defined it.

  • We help filter out the distractions and the “noise” in order to obtain better results in less time.